Competition Results

2015-2016 Competition Year

Once again the club has fielded teams in the three main district competitions, Diamond Valley Tennis Association (DVTA), Heidelberg & District Tennis Association (HDTA) and North Eastern Night Tennis Group (NENTG) however Spring 2015 also saw the first team in the Metropolitan Masters, an over 50s competition played on a Thursday afternoon.

Spring 2015 and Autumn 2016 summary


Spring 2015: A very successful season for Karingal Drive with all teams competing in the finals.

Mixed Sec 1 Premiers

Mixed Sec 5

Men Sec 1 Premiers

Men Sec 8 Premiers

Men Sec 9 Premiers

Men Sec 6 Runners Up

Men Sec 2

Men Sec 7

Autumn 2016: Again an excellent result with only one team missing the finals.

Mixed Sec 1 Premiers

Men Sec 2 Premiers

Men Sec 1 Runners Up

Men Sec 5

Men Sec 7

Men Sec 8


Spring 2015: Wednesday Ladies. A very good result with five out of six teams featuring in the finals.

Sec 2 Premiers

Sec 11(2) Premiers

Sec 14 Runners Up

Sec 9

Sec 11(1)

Autumn 2016: Wednesday Ladies. Not as good as the previous season with only three teams making finals.

Sec 9(1) Runners Up

Sec 13 Runners Up

Sec 11

Spring 2015: Tuesday Men. A 50% success rate with five out of ten reaching the finals.

Sec 6 vets Runners Up

Sec 14 men

Sec 2(1) Vets

Sec 9 (2) Vets

Sec 12 Vets

Autumn 2016: Tuesday Men. Not a good start to the year with only three teams reaching the finals.

Sec 14 Men Runners Up

Sec 3 Vets Runners Up

Sec 12 Vets



Spring 2015: Very good season with two of three teams playing in finals.

Sec 5 Premiers

Sec 2

Autumn 2016: A difficult season with player shortages making it difficult at times to field teams. Only one team reaching finals