Download the KDTC Greensborough Junior Newsletter for December 2016

KDTC Junior Newsletter Dec 2016

Junior Competition – Singles and Doubles

North Eastern Junior Tennis Association “NEJTA” offers a junior competition on Saturday mornings.  Juniors who are club members aged 18 and under are eligible to participate.
The competition consists of boys and girls teams, both singles/doubles format for higher grades and doubles format for lower grades.
NEJTA run two seasons during the year, Autumn (February to June) and Spring (July to November).  The competition does not run during school holidays or on long weekends.
Teams consist of a minimum of four players.  Singles (8am start) consist of one set of singles and two sets of doubles.  Doubles (9.30am start) consist of three sets of doubles.  Teams play at home (Karingal) and away venues.
Club polo shirts are available to all players at no cost. See Club T Shirts.
Hot Shots – orange and green leagues
available (held on a Sunday).
If you require any further information about our junior competition please contact Cameron Simon (Coach) on 0419 511 803


2016 Junior Committee Report

We currently have 46 Junior’s plus a few emergencies playing in Saturday morning competition which is  made up of 10 teams.  We were able to put in a new girls doubles team this season which is a step in the right direction of building up the number of girls teams.  The oldest girl playing comp now is 16 so hopefully none of them drop out for a few years!  Currently 2 of those teams are in top spot undefeated so hopefully at least a couple of flags on the way!. We had 7 new players sign up for the current season made up of 3 boys and 4 girls.

We have been encouraging the juniors to look at other competitions as well as Saturday morning comp and now have  5 players playing representative pennant on Sunday mornings (representing NEJTA).   There are also quite a few players regularly playing tournaments throughout the year, most recently the N.E.J.T.A. tournament over the school holidays.  The club has allocated some of the money received from sponsors to spend on the juniors.  We sent out an email to all junior members asking for some suggestions on where they would like the money to be spent.   All responses so far have mentioned club caps which we have had before but maybe we could do again.  We haven’t costed it yet but depending on costs, we have also tossed up the idea of having a junior Club Championships Christmas breakup night towards end of year