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Public Casual Booking Rates

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Limited loan racquets and balls are available – located in undercover alfresco / BBQ area

Book a Court

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Court Etiquette

  • Online Court Bookings have precedence over social tennis at all times.
  • If Members are playing social tennis without having made a court booking online when all the courts are occupied, they must rotate after one set if other members are waiting for a game.
  • All courts are for playing TENNIS ONLY. Please do not allow children to play any other games on the courts.
  • (Clay) En-tout-cas surface courts:
      – must be watered before play (in dry weather) and courts bagged smooth after play.
      – Flat sole tennis shoes only are permitted to be worn to prevent damage to the Clay court surface
  • Last player to leave the courts must ensure that the club house doors and all gates are closed and locked.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the courts whether supervised or not.
  • Players must wear tennis shoes on all courts at all times. Ripple soles and trainers are not permitted.

    Please check our Venue Terms of Use