Competition Tennis

The Club has teams playing in:Blue court & ball small

The following is a summary of the competitions available.

  • Saturday Mornings : NEJTA. Boys and Girls, singles and doubles.
  • Monday evenings :         DVTA mixed doubles
  • Tuesday mornings :       HDTA ladies doubles
  • Tuesday wvenings :      NENTG men’s senior and veterans doubles
  • Wednesday evenings : NENTG ladies doubles
  • Thursday mornings :    HDTA ladies doubles rubbers
  • Thursday afternoons:   MMTA mixed or man’s or ladies doubles
  • Thursday evenings :    DVTA men’s doubles
  • Thursday evenings :    NENTG mixed doubles
  • Friday twilight :            NEJTA boys and girls doubles

If you are interested in playing in any of these competitions, please email to

Most of the competitions are conducted for two seasons per year:-

  • Spring (commencing late July early August and concluding early December)
  •  Autumn (commencing late January early February and concluding in May)

Please note, team registrations with the relevant Associations occur approximately three months prior to the commencement of the season. The earlier you can notify us of your interest in playing competition tennis the more likely we will be able to place you in a suitable team.

Also note that we do not currently field any teams in the Saturday afternoon competition; however, this is only due to insufficient available players for this time. If you are interested and/or have friends that could form a team in this competition then please do not hesitate to notify us.